Wing Commander AB Bear

AB Gets His Wings

On a shelf in the toy warehouse, a cuddly, furry, lonely bear waits until night falls and the lights go out. When everyone goes home, the bear and his toy friends get up to play and lark around!

They are all waiting for the terrifying grabber that will pluck them from the shelf, drop them into a basket and take them to a new life.

When his turn comes, the little bear is afraid – he worries about where his new life will lead. Will it be with a kind boy or girl?

Join this charming little bear on his amazing adventure as W. C. A. B.

Son’s suicide prompts father to write story of Wg Cdr ted.

A bereaved father whose son committed suicide has linked up with IV (AC) Sqn at RAF Valley to launch a new children’s storybook that he hopes will help depressed youngsters struggling to cope.

Andrew Bland took his own life in 2013 at the age of 31, leaving a wife and child, with his family unaware of his personal problems.

His father Richard, a photographer and associate member of the squadron that trains fast jet pilots, wrote AB Gets His Wings, about an intrepid Wg Cdr teddy bear, to raise funds for RAFA and the bereavement counselling charity the Dove Service.

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Wing Commander AB Bear

Thank You!

Thank you to all who have helped with this book, in particular Peter Collins.

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